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Two friends resolve to change an industry

Kuldeep Malik and Harish Neelamana, two friends and neighbors often shared business ideas together. Kuldeep, a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful exit already under his belt, was always on the lookout for new opportunities. Harish, a VP and veteran of the insurance industry, saw first-hand in his daily work how badly insurers needed data science to meet today’s expectations. Together they joined forces to help transform an industry with a single vision…

A vision of simplicity

"Empower commercial P&C insurers to underwrite a business using only the business name and address."

Rapid progress

With the help and guidance of many innovative insurer partners, DataCubes has grown quickly, expanding its customer base and product set. DataCubes is also a graduate of the Insurtech Plug N’ Play program, which has provided valuable exposure.

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